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Accelerated Reading (AR) Books/Resources

This guide provides a list of AR books available in WOSC's LRC, as well as information on the AR program.

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About AR

Many schools are using Accelerated Reading (AR) Programs to determine students' reading levels in primary and secondary schools. By reading books, students gain points that can be used for prizes. The more difficult books are worth more points, encouraging students to expand their reading skills.

Below is a break down of how the books are categorized:

Interest level (IL) refers to the sophistication of a book’s content, ideas, and theme and is based on
   publisher recommendations.  You would use the interest level to determine if a child should read the book. 
       LG=lower grades, approximately K-3
       MG=middle grades, approximately 4-8
       UG=upper grades, approximately 9-12

Book Levels (BL) are based on an ATOS readability scale developed by Renaissance Learning.  The full-text
   of the book is scanned into a computer and the difficulty of the words is analyzed.  The book level is a   
   measure of the difficulty of the text and helps predict which books students can understand.  

 Points are based on both the length and the difficulty of the book.  Therefore, the longer and harder the book is, the more points it is worth.  Some schools use points as an incentive program.